Guru vs Guru

There is a disturbing amount of personal attacks on people’s body composition by members of certain dietary types. You have carnivore and keto diet guru’s ridiculing the physiques of vegan gurus and vegan gurus ridiculing low carb guru’s physiques. This is all nonsense. I have attended vegan and keto events (those 2 terms are not mutually exclusive by the way) and I can tell you there are lots of physically sexy people in both and you know what they often have in common? Youth and physical activity! There are people in their 50s, 60s, 70s also sexy and you know what they have in common? They are well read on the theories of their eating plans and follow them and . . physical activity. Personal attacks appeal to our basest interests and garner more engagement with those posts, so there is an incentive.

Underlying all of this is a more concerning trend, that these guru’s can’t seem to maintain any sort of discipline to criticize ideas and leave out the person. It’s always been parochial to narrow health and body composition and appearance to diet alone and it is misguided to have an ideal sexy frame which has more cultural influences than we would like to think. Everyone can agree that a lower body fat percentage and retaining muscle mass are important as one ages, but as to how one specifically looks, each community can have their ideal within that agreement like people living in 2 different cultures.

It’s seems that that quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt is quite relevant here : “Great Minds Discuss Ideas. Average Minds Discuss Events. Small Minds Discuss People.” Ridiculing a person’s physical appearance plays to the lowest and basest human drives. Want to win over quality people to your cause? Be a leader that creates more leaders by empowering those who learn from you. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks OBM said “Good leaders create followers, great leaders create leaders.” Ridiculing others is often mimicked behavior on social media due to its popularity, this is however a tree without roots or can be likened to one who “builds a house on sand.” Neither will stand the test of time.

Published by

Jonathan Carp, MD

Dermatologist, health food entrepreneur, beach addict, and health teacher.