Balance and Intention

In the pursuit for healing, health and wholeness, many are those who strive for finding that one gem of knowledge or strategy that will bring them what they desire. Podcast episodes and books are filled with facts and details of knowledge so complex and increasingly arcane that one can wonder if one can ever master the knowledge. One must ask oneself, if perhaps it is really the laws of balance and intention that is all that is required.

Every tradition talks about the intention behind the aim having value. The analogy of looking at the contents not the container abound in both Judaism and Christianity. If you pursue optimal health, your ideal body weight, or whatever your health goal, what is the intention behind it? How deep does that intention go? Have you even evaluated why you want it? It’s ok, if at first it is seems superficial, it could be to fit into an old dress or a pair of pants, whatever, but one must have some intention in mind for success. There is time to formulate a deeper intention because even superficial intention are often like the ripples of water on the surface of a lake where something deep is stirring.

I remember once, water ski-ing in a back water lagoon in Puerto Rico as the sun was on the horizon. While I was waiting for the boat to start the water moved next to me in a quick set of ripples. I had no idea what kind of fish or animal was right next to me. It scared me, quite frankly, it was still just twilight and it was in brackish water where who knows what kind of animals lived there! My imagination got the best of me! What lay below the surface might have been a harmless fish, but I wanted to get out of there!

Most of us what to get out of there like that! We don’t want to see what lies below the surface of our aims as sometimes our un-explored intentions aren’t even consistent with our own stated values. Carl Jung called this our “shadow.”

Looking below the surface of our health aims and goals, one can often find the values we are actually living. What do those intentions communicate and how consistent are they with the life we want to live? Which brings us ultimately to understanding balance in the context of health goals.

Understanding balance has a way of moderating the extremes and even helping to bring to light our unexplored intentions. It serves as a limit to going too far and maintaining a path that is healthy. You don’t need to be a master healer, physician, or guru to understanding balance. This is in the domain of every person no matter your intellectual skill. It is true that learning the art of moderation especially in food is one that is fraught to difficulty as moderation of the type dictated by society in regards to food at least, leads to adverse outcomes.

So how do you find moderation in regards to food. Eat only food eaten historically (sugar or processed food is not food), get your blood work done – I have numerous video’s on my YouTube channel on how to order your own labs and evaluate them, avoid government suggestions, and eat with a higher purpose, a deeper intention, one that is consistent with your values and who you want to be and achieve.

Published by

Jonathan Carp, MD

Dermatologist, health food entrepreneur, beach addict, and health teacher.