Balanced Immersion

Yesterday evening around 6pm, I walked down to the beach and spent about an hour in the ocean. In Miami Beach, this time of year, the water is amazing. The water was so clear and there were so many fish you could see. My legs were acting like a mini-reef and I had around 15 fish around 4 – 5 inches long just hanging around my legs.

The sun was behind the clouds and it was absolutely silent and absolutely beautiful. While our souls may be altogether spiritual, we are born into these physical bodies that have resonance with the physical world that should be explored. Just like I think we are born into traditions for a reason that should be explored fully before jettisoning them for the allure of a “strange fire.”

The great physician and rationalist philosopher Maimonides believed that the Earth itself had a consciousness. In the last century, the scientist, James Lovelock introduced the Gaia hypothesis partly said something similar. BBC podcast – Discovery, one of my favorites, had a great interview with him last week. He is 100 years old.

There are so many aspects of our health to be conscious of, that I may forget the need for immersion in nature on a regular basis, hopefully it doesn’t take a rare transcendent ideal moment like yesterday to remind me. Immersion in nature on a regular basis, is after all, the balanced approach.