Diet wars fill my feed

Most people don’t care about the diet wars. They don’t care about the debates or the guru’s. In this war, there will be no winners. It’s all “vanity of vanities” as Ecclesiastes says.

Most people see the groups that form around specific diets to be odd and peculiar. Most people don’t want to be recruited into a group that promises health and happiness based solely on food choices.

There will always be lots of utopian movements, they never end well, and almost always limit independent thought and growth. While some of my patients have joined this or that group, ultimately, the greatest ones, the ones that have become ambassadors of wellness and leaders themselves, have integrated a lifestyle, not a diet, into their existing life without alienating, in fact, almost always enriching the culture they come from.

They don’t leave their culture to join this or that movement, instead they innovate and bring more life to the culture that they come from. Most people feel comfortable in the culture they inhabit, they don’t want to leave it for some utopian food group. If you truly want to empower and inspire others, do some from the perch you know and come from, most people appreciate authenticity more than anything else.

Published by

Jonathan Carp, MD

Dermatologist, health food entrepreneur, beach addict, and health teacher.