The Way Back

Lifestyle and nutritional interventions take time to be perceived by the patient. One can see some of the results within a week on bloodwork, but in the age of drug marketing and excellent trauma care, patients have been conditioned to expect rather rapid results. In a time gone by, our timelines were longer. Many were farmers who knew the value of waiting for the harvest. Making choices to feed yourself natural food that supports it, starts you on a path that puts you back into touch with the natural rhythms of the world. We can navigate the modern world but the healthy and whole individual knows that we must always maintain our connection to our biology and part of that is our connection with the natural world around it.

That is why in the next stage of growth I recommend some sort of reconnection with growing some food, especially something as simple as micro-greens. When you see that nature properly respected is actually designed to support you, a new world opens up away from the opposite tendencies of modern society. You are on your way back, baby! Back from all the pathology of the modern world that attempts to pull us away from the real and the valuable. Reconnecting and supporting your biology by choosing the right foods can be a small step in that direction.

Published by

Jonathan Carp, MD

Dermatologist, health food entrepreneur, beach addict, and health teacher.