Relative Health

In my dealings with patients, I have come across a phenomenon that needs explaining. People who feel fine are often unaware that they are in fact not functioning at a very high level of biological wellness. An MSQ (medical service questionnaire) can be helpful to bring some objectivity to the evaluation and also to track process.

My teacher of blessed memory, Gerald Epstein, MD used to pay very close attention to the images evoked by peoples choices of words. Expressions like “a weight on my shoulders” or the like express things in a way that can be very deep to the underlying issues. This can often highlight other issues that might be pertinent to the problem at hand and point me towards getting to a deeper root to helping people heal.

He was also very fond of explaining that tackling one aspect of your life and health often has significant ripple effects on other aspects of your being, those being physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social.

The challenge here is a profound one, identify one aspect of your life, perhaps it is some aspect of your health and with gusto correct it. Don’t worry about all the things in your life that seem to be awry, “that’s life” as Frank Sinatra said. Life is tough and as that saying goes “Be kind for everyone is fighting a great battle.” The other side to this quote is, forget the great battle and focus on that aspect of your life / health that you can fix. It could be as simple of avoiding sugar for 21 days or walking 20 minutes a day, or even getting rid of some food in your house that is no good for you.

Then, watch what happens. First, expect some resistance, this is the nature of this world. Second, let go of expectations of when and what the positive change will look like, just be patient and know that it will come. Third, be on the look out for an additional simple thing you can do to improve your health because what will happen if you follow the above steps is that with time, you will imperceptibly be taking on harder and harder challenges.

The reward is that you will find other aspects of your life start to open up. You also start to realize that how you felt before in many cases was far from vibrant! Could that one first challenge be the first domino to fall in a change where your whole life transforms? Yes, in fact it is the only dependable way change ever happens.

Please comment below. I am seeking to become a better writer and appreciate critical comments on the presentation of this short blog posts. Personal attacks will just be deleted so please stick to the ideas and the writing.. Read my post Speech as Spiritual Practice for my thoughts on that.

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Jonathan Carp, MD

Dermatologist, health food entrepreneur, beach addict, and health teacher.

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