American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI)

I am pleased to announce Rachel, the wife of my beloved teacher of blessed memory, Jerry Epstein, MD is continuing his work. You can find my recollection of learning with Jerry here.

As Rachel writes “Founded on the principles of love and truth, Dr. Jerry Epstein, M.D. created the American Institute of Mental Imagery in 1982. Through his work, Dr. Epstein sought to empower people to be their own authorities, teaching them to access their inner wisdom in order to find answers to their mental, physical, and emotional difficulties. Teaching people how to use their minds to heal, AIMI is dedicated to extending tools and techniques of self-healing and self-realization to anyone, of any age, at all times. All are welcome. Classes can generally be joined at anytime at a prorated rate.”

If the above is of interest, reach out to for a full catalog. Or visit the AIMI site here. I can’t overestimate the value of the resources you will discover.

Image from page 32 of “The sage’s key to character at sight; special student’s course” (1919)

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