Ancient Remedies

As a MD, I am fascinated by ancient remedies.   I am particularly interested in the writings of Maimonides (1135-1204).  I will most likely write about him in another post as he is one of the most interesting and accomplished men in the history of the world.   What I find interesting about these remedies and treatments is that by and large, they really don’t hold much value to us in modern times.  

Why is this so?  Because though we are quite the same humans, the factors that make up our health, change dramatically and I would say change a lot faster than we think, especially these days.  As discussed prior, there are 4 basic factors to our health, those being nutrition, mental state, movement / mechanics, and environmental influences.    These 4 basic factors impact our overall health and change on a daily basis.  They also change over time.   

There is a reason why in the 12th century Maimonides was highly sought after as a physician!   It was because his treatments for many things worked!   That they don’t work that effectively by and large today (though his writings on what constitutes moderation and diet are worth noting) has to do with the four pillars above.   

One could imagine an analogy here being a lump of clay on a potters wheel spinning waiting to be made into a vase that has four people’s right hands working together to create the vase.   As each one pushes and pulls against the others the shape of the final vase will change dramatically.  So it goes with our internal environment.

Our overall health and balance / homeostasis each day, century, epic, places its fingerprint on us which means that we respond to external remedies differently.   Given our environmental toxin levels and electronic stresses, we are even different than 20 years ago, I believe this is why some natural treatments that used to work don’t appear to work as they did. 

What remains constant throughout the centuries?  Simply this, that you take a look at the 4 pillars we discuss and understand how they interact in your life.   You must take account of all 4.

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