The Ranch Dressing Puzzle


Yep, it happened again.   I was discussing with a patient that they need to increase their vegetable intake and they said, “Doc, I love vegetables, but I need ranch dressing to eat them.”   Well, Ranch Dressing is not good for you and what sort of vegetables are we really talking about?  Is it that plate of raw vegetables like broccoli, carrots, celery, and cauliflower that you see to the side at an event, so the event planners can say they put something healthy out.   Right next to that boring set of raw vegetables that people general don’t like to eat, is that big bowl of ranch dressing and next to that is usually someone who looks unhappy that they are eating those vegetables, with the Ranch as the only consolation. 

I am not suggesting anyone have a raw plate of cauliflower and broccoli, but that seems to be what people think of.  Its like they are suffering from some kind of post traumatic disorder made from eating these things, from that dreaded plate at the mixer or event.   

If you can’t make vegetables tasty, then you haven’t been exposed to high quality fresh vegetables, or quality cooking.  I am sorry but that is the reality.   A few weeks ago at Keto Con, there was a lecturer (not representative of most there) who basically said almost all plants are poisons to the human body.   As he said this I reflexively looked around to see the reactions, and I saw in their faces many people feel vindicated in their dislike for vegetables.  

Which dislike is it?  Is that dreaded plate of raw veggie crudités?  Is it from being force fed canned or frozen veggies as a child?    I don’t know but it’s time for you to realize you’ve got issues 🙂  Congrats, we all do.  Just to pre-empt the messages I might get.  Yes, there are vegetables that don’t agree with everyone for valid scientific reasons, I am not talking about that issue.  


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Jonathan Carp, MD

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