Manifestation Madness

I admit it, I cringe when I see the word “manifestation.” Usually its paired with some spiritual “technique” to get you the life you desire. As I mentioned in a prior post, most of the world is struggling under the mistaken notion that the purpose of life is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure, whether that be physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. I think you can see where I am going with this. Giving people spiritual tools (which in some select cases are actually quite effective) when they are still operating under a dead end notion about life’s purpose, or more accurately, to people who have not seriously examined life’s purpose, is foolish. My teacher of blessed memory, Gerald Epstein, MD used to call all of these manifestation movements “spiritual materialism.”

The ancient Hebraic sages, would say that at a certain point of spiritual development, one becomes a chariot of the Divine, meaning that your life becomes one where God is in the drivers seat. It is said that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all reached this stage, they didn’t lose their unique identities but their desires become aligned with Divine. One would think that this would limit your freedom, but in fact, it is said by the sages that when the confusions of life get cleared up and you have a connection to Source, you taste what true freedom is.

I am not against the idea of manifestation, but when you choose to pick what it is that you wish to manifest, make sure it is aligned with a vision that takes into account higher aims and purposes or brings you closer to determining your mission in life, or brings you in direct alignment with that mission.

When it comes to health however, start with the 4 pillars first. Examine in detail 1. Nutrition 2. Mental State 3. Physical Activity 4. Environmental Influences and see where there is something out of balance.

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